Logistics Analyst

San Diego, Ca

Job Description

  • Logistics analyst for Non-Aviation Supply Technical Support for Aircraft Carriers.
  • Provide support for COSAL allowancing/outfitting requirements, configuration management and programs aboard CNAP/CNAL aircraft carriers (CVNs).
  • Review proposed Integrated Logistics Systems (ILS) programs and communicate with NAVSEA, NAVSUP WSS Mechanicsburg (NAVSUP WSS-M) and NAVMEDLOGCEN and ISEA affecting CNAP/CNAL CVNs.
  • Evaluate and formulate programs for present and future support of systems installed on all CVNs during ILS meetings.
  • Review all COSAL initial outfitting requisitions with NAVSUP WSS-M for all CVNs.
  • Provide assistance, and resolution to ships on surface supply support issues.
  • Provide support for Damage Control, CBR Defense, FP/TP equipment, and other OSI related AELs.
  • Review message boards and ACR submissions and provide necessary responses for action items, along with disposition of ACR requests.
  • Maintain liaison with weapons systems communities, including NAVSEA, NAVSUP WSS-MECH/PHIL, NAVWAR, NAVAIR, DLA, NSA, ISEAs, principle stations and operating units.
  • Provide policy, strategy, planning, daily technical services and support for non-aviation supply related material issues.
  • Provide recommendations on policy guidance to improve surface supply support and readiness.

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