warehouse specialist

san diego, ca


Shall be responsible for Shipping, Receiving, and Warehouse Operations. Shall conduct a full range of warehouse functions for incoming and outgoing material, delivery of incoming and outgoing shipments, Packaging, Handling, of non-hazardous and hazardous shipments.

Will also work with the processing, handling and excessing of equipment to the DLA disposition Center. Maintain Security and accountability of all material from receipt to delivery.

  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must have an active Secret security clearance (verifiable in JPAS)
  • Must be able to obtain Courier Card within 90 days from hire.
  • Must be able to obtain a DBIDS in accordance with base security requirements.
  • Perform required daily safety checks prior to using (MHE) Material Handling Equipment and government vehicles and document results on MHE Operator Inspection Form.
  • Perform a daily walkthrough of all work spaces checking for security, safety discrepancies, and perform good housekeeping practices in accordance with (IAW) 2.13 OSHA 1915.81 Housekeeping. Monthly Cleanliness of Safety Equipment. Using Government provided Housekeeping checklist.
  • Report any incidents (accidents, crashes, drops, or damage involving any government provided vehicles, Forklifts, material-handling equipment.)
  • Report any incidents of damage from the movement of material processed.
  • Provide receiving support services for all material received for NIWC Pacific; to include classified up to Secret according to current guidelines and instructions.
  • Conduct physical inspection of incoming cargo/shipment from government and commercial carriers.
  • Report of discovery of any damaged materials/equipment to the nearest Government representative upon receipt.
  • Mark and identify damaged materials and equipment.
  • Input receipts to the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (Navy ERP) system and Receiving, Delivery Service (RDS) and other applicable government databases and other applications as required.
  • Enter tracking data from Government and Commercial Bill of Lading into Navy ERP and RDS as proof of delivery upon delivery.
  • Provide delivery services for all material to include classified up to Secret according to current guidelines and instructions.
  • Pick-up material property from NIWC Pacific delivery points and/or warehouses and deliver material to NIWC Pacific customers and/or warehouses.
  • Ensure customer signs for documents showing proof of delivery upon receipt of material using scanners and Common Access Card (CAC).
  • Schedule material pickups and deliveries using Government provided database/ applications.
  • Communicate/coordinate with customers on matters related to the status of incoming and outgoing material shipments and the pre-screening of assets prior to pick-up.
  • Verify at the customer’s location those hazardous materials (e.g. batteries, ink and/or toner cartridges), hard drives and any memory; have been removed from all equipment prior to acceptance.
  • Prepare materials and equipment for delivery to customers as defined within daily schedule.
  • Off load commercial delivery vehicles, operate material handling equipment and delivery vehicles observing all occupational Safety & Health regulations.
  • Pick up and Receive outbound packages from NIWC Customers. Pack the item in accordance with NIWC process and procedures. Work with the Transportation team in processing all paperwork through all applicable government databases and other applications as required.
  • Process transportation documentation and verify for accuracy.
  • HAZMAT Certifier: Provide continuous support for Hazardous Materials (HM). Packaging and Shipping of hazardous material needs to be completed within 1 day of receipt. All packaging must be conducted by a HM certifier certified to Defense Transportation Regulations, Part III, Appendix J. All received HM will be processed in RDS and delivered to the NIWC HAZMAT Center according to current guidelines.

Job Type: Full Time
Salary: $19.91 / hr
Tentative Start Date: May 2020

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