Navy Validator Level II

NSWC (Philadelphia, PA)


  • Minimum Experience: Equivalent 5-year practical experience in an IA or A&A related field may be substituted. Completed Navy Certifier course (or equivalent). 2-5 years practical experience in a cybersecurity or A&A related field.
  • Demonstrates ability to collect, organize, summarize, and report on various data sets. 
  • Demonstrates familiarity and understanding of all subject areas in A&A. 
  • Average to above-average familiarity and understanding of Navy RDT&E and business systems, systems and infrastructure at Philadelphia.
  • Applies Navy A&A guidance to Navy A&A efforts. Target of 2years’ experience working with Navy A&A. Demonstrates experience working with Navy A&A. 
  • Demonstrates experience in MS Office products, Visio and scanning software/ hardware. 
  • Knowledge of and experience with evaluating hardware/software functional requirements. 
  • Demonstrates ability to develop documentation, prepare final deliverable reports, and destruction of documents, as required.
  •  Demonstrates experience in strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Must possess “Intermediate Level Navy Validator Certificate” from the Navy Certification Authority (CA). 
  • The Intermediate Level Navy Validator works under supervision of a Fully Qualified Navy Validator.
  •  The Intermediate Level Navy Validator has an excellent understanding of the A&A process, but needs additional experience or certifications to meet the Fully Qualified Level.

Minimum Education and Required Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or related IT field.
  • Intermediate Lever Navy Validator Certificate
  • Active Secret Security Clearance

Salary: D.O.E

Start Time: Spring 2021

Job Type: Full-time

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