Analyst, Computer Systems II

Philadelphia, PA


  • Minimum Experience: Four (4) years professional experience in computer systems analysis.
  • Solving computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the individual needs of an organization.
  • Define the goals of the system and divide the solutions into individual steps and separate procedures. Typical techniques are structured analysis, data modeling, information, engineering, mathematical model building, sampling, and cost accounting. Specify the inputs to be accessed by the system, design the processing steps, and format the output to meet users’ needs.
  •  Prepare cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses to help management decide whether implementing the proposed technology will be financially feasible.
  • After system acceptance, determine what computer hardware and software will be needed to set the system up. Coordinate tests and observe the initial use of the system to ensure that it performs as planned. Prepare specifications, flow charts, and process diagrams for computer programmers to follow.
  •  Work with programmer to debug the system.
  • Generally, must be proficient in both programming and systems analysis. Work with databases, object oriented programming languages, client-server applications development, multimedia and Internet technology.

Minimum Education or Certification Requirement:

  • Bachelor Degree from Accredited University
  • or CNSSI 4012 or 4013 or 4014 or 4015 or 4016 Certificate or NDU CISO certificate or CCNA or CAP or CompTIA Security + (CE) or ENSA
  • Active Secret Security Clearance

Salary: D.O.E.

Start Time: Spring 2021

Job Type: Full-time

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