OmniCrib / OptiShield

OmniCrib - Powered by Opticrib

What is OmniCrib (Powered by Opticrib)?

A fully automated storeroom that delivers accurate inventory counts, consumer accountability, and detailed cost accounting.

There is no need for an attendant.

The system combines computer vision, a cardkey entry enclosure, a sophisticated inventory management program, various sensors, and machine learning.

Why Use OmniCrib (Powered by Opticrib)?

  • Reduced labor in warehousing, procurement, and user wait time
  • Accurate 24/7 inventory control & automated replenishment process
  • Attendant-free paperless shopping system dramatically improves social distancing efforts
  • Holds employees and departments accountable for their expenses, reducing consumption

Case Study: Reduced Wait Times

  • 80 tradesmen queue up for safety gear each 12-hour shift
  • Average cycle time with trailer
  • attendant is 60 seconds per man
  • Average cycle time with OmniCrib self-serve process is 20 seconds
  • Work effort savings of 53 hours
  • Reduce cost of labor

OmniCrib Shopping Process Review: Fast. Easy. Accurate

  1. Session Start – access is granted through secure process, whether a badge reader, smart phone app with QOR code, or facial recognition
  2. Product Look-up – products can be located through use of the touchscreen tablet
  3. Activity Tracking – upon entry, sophisticated cameras monitor all activities, correlating shopping activity through deep learning models
  4. Dynamic Cart – activity tracking plus A.I.-based product recognition, 3D location monitoring, and other sensors determine whether to add/subtract from the virtual shopping basket
  5. Checkout – employee confirms GL codes on table

OmniShield - Powered by Opticalshield

Secure your Possessions

Give your customers peace of mind while securing your reputation and brand.

  • Tamper Alerts
  • Out of Limit Temperature Indicator
  • Loss Prevention & Recovery Means
  • Moisture & Tear resistant
  • Chain of Custody Tracking
  • Brand Protection
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Validation of Authentic Package
  • Potential Insurance Savings
  • Impede Counterfeits

Industrial Products
(Temperature-sensitive, Shelf Life)

Luxury Items
(Gems, Watches, Shoes, Perfumes, Purses, etc.)

Fine Arts / Artifacts, Heirlooms / Collectibles

Pharma and Medical Products

Legal Documents, Evidence, Chain of Custody

HazMat Management: Medical, Chemicals, Human/Animal Remains

Educational, Tests and Official Documents

Manufacturing, Transportation, Inventory Management

Jewelry, Precious Metals

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