Logistics Analyst Postal Operations

Must hold Secret Security Clearance

Must hold Secret Security Clearance

The candidate shall evaluate shipboard services operations and facilities, conduct equipment assessments, and make recommended improvements to enhance postal operations.

  • The candidate will have a strong understanding of Mail Routing Instruction (MRI), Finance Window Operation and Mail Orderly Program.
  • The candidate will be responsible for all Postal Officer Weekly Inspections, Postal Net Alert and Postal Offense Reporting and Post Office Standard Operation Procedures (SOP).
  • The candidate will be responsible for Nesting of outgoing mail and Domestic/International Mail Acceptance and Regulations.

The Candidate will provide training to Navy shipboard personnel on Disbursing and Postal operations and procedures. The candidate shall conduct SMIs and SMAs of shipboard services operations for aircraft carriers.

The Candidate will prepare reports and submit results, with recommendations for improvements, for all inspections and assessments conducted. Reports will be provided to the CNAF Services Officer.

The candidate will review, analyze, and determine LCM capabilities for the following installed shipboard systems – UMIDS, DDS, WINIATS, ATM, and Navy Cash and Postal programs as they apply to CNAF aircraft carriers. Provide training for all CNAF aircraft carriers utilizing these systems.

The candidate will assist with implementation, monitoring, and training requirements associated with the DDS for all CNAF aircraft carriers.

Provide qualitative and quantitative techniques for analyzing and measuring shipboard supply services effectiveness. Perform independent analysis of shipboard services operations, cost-wise readiness, and initiatives that have or will affect supported activities.

The qualified candidate will attend meetings to collect information; review, validate and provide analysis of processes and data; prepare draft reports, briefs, and presentations; and conduct product demonstrations of shipboard services equipment or procedures as specified by the COR or PM.

The candidate will have a strong working knowledge of Postal Operations, to Develop, Analyze, Asses, Train and Conduct operational audits, and prepare follow-up reports evaluating effectiveness of systems implementations, to determine user training needs.

Support the Government in research and development of Force Supply policies, procedures, and guidance to CNAF/CNAP supported units.

The Candidate will collect, review, monitor, and analyze data received from supported activities. Develop a performance metrics tracking report, to compile data received, and ascertain health of services readiness operations on aircraft carriers.

Some travel is required for inspections and training.

Salary Range $82,000 – $86,000

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