Logistics Analyst Retail Operations

NAS North Island

Job Description

To work with COMNAVAIRPAC at NAS North Island.

Must hold Secret Security Clearance

  • The candidate will provide Training to Navy shipboard on FSM, ROM and retail operations.
  • The candidate will Evaluate shipboard services operations and facilities, conduct equipment assessments and recommend improvements to enhance productivity and quality of life.
  • Provide oversight and recommendations for Supply Department equipment modernization and replacement requirements for ship store, ship laundry, self-service laundry, barbershop, and bulk storerooms.
  • Conduct on-board visits to validate and report progress on supply related maintenance, repair, replacement and modernization jobs.
  • Provide input and recommendations on laundry equipment.
  • Review and recommend manpower/personnel and training requirements.
  • The candidate will prepare reports and submit results, with recommendations for improvements, for all inspections and assessments conducted.
  • Participate and provide technical analysis regarding future technology initiatives related to shipboard services operations.
  • Candidate will provide qualitative and quantitative techniques for analyzing and measuring shipboard supply services effectiveness. Perform independent analysis of shipboard services operations, cost-wise readiness, and initiatives that have or will affect supported activities.
  • Identify systemic barriers and problems affecting shipboard services operations. Analyze barriers and problems, and provide recommendations to eliminate or mitigate obstacles and improve overall effectiveness and shipboard quality of life.
  • Support the Government with analytical and investigative techniques to achieve improved shipboard services operations at reduced costs.
  • Attend meetings to collect information; review, validate and provide analysis of processes and data; prepare draft reports, briefs and presentations; and conduct product demonstrations of shipboard services equipment or procedures.
  • Develop, analyze, conduct operational audits, and prepare follow-up reports evaluating effectiveness of systems implementations.
  • Conduct training for new and existing supply services systems and programs to aircraft carrier
  • Candidate will conduct studies, review findings, make recommendations for improved operating procedures and policies concerning current and future shipboard services operations and program initiatives.
  • Support the Government in research and development of Force Supply policies, procedures and guidance.
  • Collect, review, monitor, and analyze data received from supported activities. Develop a performance metrics tracking report, to compile data received, and ascertain health of services readiness operations on aircraft carriers.
  • Candidate must be knowledge in PowerPoint, Word and Excel.
  • Must be willing to travel.

Salary $82,000 per year

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