NAS Fallon, NV

  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must have an active Secret security clearance (verifiable in JPAS)
  • Perform system administrator duties by managing and administering Naval Aviation Logistic Command Information System (NALCOMIS) Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity (OOMA) and NALCOMIS Optimized Intermediate Maintenance Activity (OIMA) within the Virtual Environment.
  • Set up system administrator account for all Virtual OOMA/OIMA servers and assign accounts to the Administrators group. Create and assign temporary passwords to system administrator and end user accounts.
  • Perform password maintenance by following server Operating System rules and DISA requirements.
  • Coordinate with Squadron OOMA System Administrators (SA) the synchronization of passwords on OOMA server and Network Attached Storage (NAS-1).
  • Perform routine and unscheduled startup/shutdown procedures. Perform full system backups of OIMA/OOMA Virtual Machine (VM) Servers and ensure successful completion.
  • Perform scheduled backups/verification of VM data/system files and maintain copies on external storage device/network drives.
  • Update/verify Virus Definition files of each VM server and monitor Virtual Environment (VE) system/data stores for errors.
  • Prepare all VM servers to accommodate monthly scheduled ACAS Scan and maintain close communication and coordination with OOMA SA and HP Enterprise Personnel.
  • Monitor inter-system connectivity to maintain data interfaces.
  • Monitor interface, system/database logs for errors and maintain system integrity.
  • Perform routine processing of batch programs/scripts to produce data/report files, and provide status of operations to the supervisor and other functional managers.
  • Execute ad hoc queries to process incoming WEBSALTS requisition files, external interface batch program and perform file transfers from local to the network drive daily.
  • Provide assistance to Squadron OOMA SA/DBA in preparation for their deployment by coordinating hardware and software requirements with squadron OOMA SA and CNAP N422 Server Pool.
  • Check physical server for operable condition from the inventory that is pre-positioned to their site and provide a space to setup and build the OOMA Homeguard or DET server.
  • Upon return from deployment, coordinate with the squadron OOMA SA and CNAP N422 to check status of server and reconcile with issued documentation.
  • Reformat external hard drives for reissue, report discrepancies discovered and return all hardware to operational condition.
  • Request repair parts by submitting a NAV-ITAS ITPR to CNAP N6.
  • Provide customer support to OIMA/OOMA users for remote desktop access, connectivity, interface, and user account problems. Diagnose and resolve problems in response to customer reported incidents. Report incidents to NAVWAR by creating and submitting a trouble call report via NAVWAR Software Maintenance Tracking System (SMTS) website if problems cannot be resolved locally.
  • Provide NALCOMIS OOMA Squadron level host computer hardware, configuration, troubleshoot, perform diagnostics, and system repair with researching and ordering of spare parts when required. All spare part orders will require a quote for the hardware to include item nomenclature, stock number (if applicable, manufacturer part number, quantity, unit price, extended price, and source to accompany the ITPR submission by the NALCOMIS workcenter.
  • Manage and maintain system inventory to include custody and sub-custody of servers to all sites.

Job Type: Full Time
Salary: $20.08 / hr

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