Senior Database Engineer

Warner Robins AFB (Atlanta, GA)

Job Description

The candidate will provide both production & development support. Must have a working knowledge of Air Force maintenance and supply databases including , but not limited to, the Reliability and Maintainability Information System (REMIS – GO99, GO81, GO54), Secondary Item Requirements System (SIRS – D200A), Stock Control System (SCS – DO35A/K), Global Combat Support System (GCSS) Data Services, MISTER Item Identification Control System (DO43A), Requirements Data Bank (D200A), and Execution and Prioritization of Repair Support System (EXPRESS – DO87X).


  • Develops database functions, scripts, stored procedures and triggers to support data migration and ingestion from the current state to the new environment.
  • Ensures databases are operational and provide valid and relevant data.
  • Provides technical assistance to resolve all database issues related to performance, capacity, and access and ensures data integrity and quality in database systems.
  • Maintains standard policies for database development activities.
  • Work closely with engineers to manage and monitor performance, capacity and security of database systems.
  • Prepares documentation regarding database design, configuration and change management tasks.
  • Ensures compliance with Government data standards and records management policies.
  • Develops backup and recovery capabilities, as well as contributes to disaster recovery/business continuity plans.
  • Providing all infrastructure required to make the J-RAMS C/KC-135 DM system operational and web-based accessible including web servers, application servers, .mil connectivity, backup power systems, etc.,
  • Providing system support for the database servers, web servers, application servers, workstations, and .mil network by maintaining system configuration, backups, security updates, license maintenance, and compliance to Government networking regulations,
  • Providing database support by maintaining the Oracle database with the latest updates, performing system performance tuning, incorporating new data, and continually maintaining the system to ensure its operational health and availability, and
  • Providing data support by establishing/maintaining Interface Control Documents with each data system that will send data to the J-RAMS C/KC-135 DM, performing the services necessary to ensure the data received from each sending data system is in accordance with the documented agreement with that data system., ensuring the integrity of the data is maintained as it is loaded into the C/KC-135 DM, and providing maintenance and update of the Work Unit Code/NIIN cross-reference tables as required.

Education and Experience

  • Active Security Clearance Required (Top Secret Clearance Preferred).
  • Bachelor’s degree in an Engineering Field or related.
  • Twenty 20 years of Database Engineering experience.
  • Must have experience with C/KC-135 Joint-Reliability Availability Management System (JRAMS).

Start Date: Late Spring/ Early Summer

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: D.O.E.

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