WARNING: ZipRecruiter Employment Scam

WARNING! ZipRecruiter Employment Scam Alert!

Omni2Max Management has been made aware of the issuance by certain unauthorized third parties of fraudulent employment recruitment advertisements purportedly made in the name, or on behalf of Omni2Max on ZipRecruiter.

The deceitful advert targeting job seekers has been circulated on ZipRecruiter inviting the candidates to participate in an interview via Google Hangouts. The fraudster will then inform the candidate that they have been hired and will be working remotely from home. They are to expect a check in the mail to purchase office equipment and supplies, then send the balance of the funds back to the individual via wire transfer.

Please be aware that, at this time, Omni2Max does not use ZipRecruiter for employment recruitment services nor does it utilize Google Hangouts as a platform to conduct interviews. Omni2Max Management wishes to stress that this is an unauthorized job advertisement. Omni2Max appeals to the public not to respond to any employment recruitment advertisements posted online requesting Google Hangouts for the hiring process.

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