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That President Lyndon B. Johnson, support and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law as a tribute to President John F. Kennedy
By Karina Mejia

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  • Clerence Dempsey


  • Christopher Coats
  • Michael W. Anderson
  • Mark A. Weron
  • Michael L. Nelsen
  • Leonard McAllister
  • Jonathan Scott
  • Juan Marrero

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April 16th: Easter Sunday (Not a Federal Holiday)

Bravo Zulu!

One of the responsibilities of each of Omni2Max’s three Container Reutilization and Refurbishment Centers (CRRC) is to inspect incoming used containers prior to their introduction into the cleaning and refurbishing process. Sometimes the “empty” containers still have in them very expensive retrograde aircraft components known as Depot Level Repairables (DLRs). When a DLR is discovered, the CRRC site lead researches the materials found and takes the appropriate steps to reintroduce the component back into the supply system for repair and subsequent reissue as an aircraft repair part. This month’s Bravo Zulu recognition for a job well done, goes out to Romero Smith and the San Diego CRRC crew for the discovery and reintroduction of a single “DLR” in March worth over half a million dollars!!!

This “DLR” process results in considerable savings to the U.S. Navy – just how much is somewhat surprising. Omni2Max began executing the NAS Lemoore Aviation Supply Logistics Support Services contract in October 2014. During FY 2015 the combined efforts of all 3 CRRC detachments resulted in the discovery of 36 DLRs with a total value exceeding $607,850. In FY-2016, O2M’s three CRRC dets found 40 DLRs worth over $2,553,300 and thus far in FY-2017 eleven DLRs totaling over $800,000 have been found. That’s almost Four Million Dollars of retrograde aircraft parts that were redirected back into the supply system by our diligent CRRC crews in the past two and a half years. All CRRC members are to be congratulated for their superlative efforts. Keep up the good work!!!

HR Notes:

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new tab to our website for employee’s only. This new password protected tab will give you another avenue to use to review information on company business, benefits, announcements and events. You can locate the tab on our website www.www.omni2max.com if you do not have the password you may ask your lead for assistance. We hope you use this new feature and find it to be a helpful way of obtaining company information.

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