Tinker AFB

Our Tinker AFB Avionics Support Engineering team has demonstrated above and beyond work ethics that have put their team as well as Omni2Max on the spotlight and we would like to dedicate this month’s newsletter to them, but especially to two individuals, Mr. Jonathan M. Scott and Mr. Chad M. Beck. The team’s duties include calibration of the AWACS aircraft radar alignment and our expert avionics personnel support these boresight operations routinely which include Roger Zody, Tim Loucks and Jonathan Scott that typically require an eight to twelve hour run.

While each of our personnel support the schedule, and fulfill their duties, Mr. Jonathan Scott stepped right up to extra duty when, recently, software glitches from the OEM required re-accomplishment of the boresight operations on three E-3 aircraft. Scott fulfilled the extra requirements on USAF schedule. It was tiring, but Scott coordinated and facilitated despite the extra-long hours. He performed his duties admirably, ensuring minimal impact to USAF mission capabilities. Roger Zody and Tim Loucks were also indispensable and contributed significantly, but Scott truly exceeded the call of duty.

team has demonstrated above and beyond work ethics that have put their team as well as Omni2Max on the spotlight!

The details: Some Boresight routine duties include verification of tolerances and working with the performing technicians throughout the procedure, helping with equipment move and setup, ensuring proper procedure verifying steps as accomplished, ensure-ng the required accuracy of reflectors, verification of soft-ware load-in meets OEM specifications, verify rotodome preparations and spin to specifications. Our support personnel are responsible for final concurrence, verifying procedures and results throughout the calibration. Our experts are key in trouble-shooting at all stages of the boresight operations. Mr. Scott’s expertise and his over-and-above work ethics with the re-accomplishment requirements are a shining example of our competencies and dedication.

Also, in providing engineering support for the airframe and its many nonelectronic systems, our duties can include emergent issues necessitating research, coordination, and interaction with vendors. Mr. Chad Beck provided expert analysis of alternatives related to fuel-tank sealant. His investigation and recommendations resulted due to investigation of reported fuel leaks and vendor-proposed fixes.

While there are many details that demonstrate, Beck was thoroughly involved in several relevant aspects of establishing the best solution, in summary, he was able to establish a best-solution after investigating fuel tank sealing processes and sealants, new proposals, and actual in-service performance on Air Force and Navy aircraft. He pulled, collated, and made sense of the maintenance data, so leadership could easily evaluate it. Beck provided leadership with the details they needed to avoid excessive repairs as well as unnecessary procedural and product changes. Beck was able to establish that the standard procedures, long established, were as good as needed and significantly more economical than the new procedures and new sealant proposed. He further identified that a recent update to tank-interior interior preservative procedures was the root of the noticed increase in fuel leaks, and Beck helped in revising the procedures to eliminate that problem.

By Lonnie Schubert

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