May’s Fun Fact

Did you know that the month of May is Asian/Pacific Heritage Month? According to the Asian Pacific Heritage Association, May, was chosen to commemorate the first Japanese immigrations to the United States which took place May 7, 1843; and to mark the anniversary of the completion of Transcontinental Railroad which was May 10, 1869. Many the workers who laid the tracks for the railroad were Chinese immigrants.

Originally in 1977 Rep Frank Horton of New York introduced a House Joint Resolution 540 to proclaim the first ten days in May as Pan/Asian American Heritage week.  Later that year Sen. Daniel Inouye introduced a similar resolution but neither passed. In June 1978, a new resolution was introduced by Rep Horton which was passed and made it all the way through Congress, the Senate, and then to President Jimmy Carter. On October 5, 1978.

May’s first seven days were Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. During the following decades, annual proclamations were passed by several Presidents. In 1992 that Congress passed a Public Law which annually designated May as the Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

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Birthdays and Shoutouts!

We’d like to congratulate and wish everyone a happy birthday!


  • David Zehner
  • Leanna Falconer
  • Ted “Teddy” Santos
  • Rodney Lawrence

Upcoming Events & Holidays:

May 14th: Mother’s Day (Not a Fed Holiday)

May 29th: Memorial Day

May: Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Bravo Zulu!

On May 3, 2017, Roger Zody, Avionics Engineer and part of our Tinker team retired after a long and storied career.  Roger, first served our country in the USAF, retiring as a Lt. Colonel. He then signed on to serve again in the private sector, lending his knowledge and expertise to the AWACS. Roger was the point person and resident expert for the AWACS and his presence will be missed.  Congratulations, Roger!

HR Notes:

We are pleased to announce that we have a few new members onboard.  We would like to welcome: Tammy Scott, our new Finance Director to our team in San Diego.  Reynaud Malbrough our new Avionics System Engineer to our Tinker AFB team, and Michael Barnes, our new MDU teammate over at Lemoore.

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