President’s Corner in May

Hello Team,

Omni2Max is continually striving to expand our business portfolio as a services solution provider.  That is why we have teamed with Regulatory Affairs Certified Advisors, LLC (RACA), an industry leader in Caregiver Support and Education.   This partnership has opened the doors for Omni2Max’s anticipated Healthcare Division.

RACA’s flagship program is Care To Caregiver and supports those who provide care to their family loved one(s).  Various studies cite that caregivers are more likely to suffer many debilitating conditions when adding the often-overwhelming strain of taking care of an ill family member.  More than 45 million people provide care for chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend and spend an average of 25 hours per week providing care for their loved one.  Our mission is to preserve the health and well-being of family caregivers:  sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and friends so they are able to give the best care possible for their loved one.

Enabling aging in place, when we take care of our family caregivers they in turn take better care of their loved ones.   Look for more news on Omni2Max’s Healthcare Division and specifically Care To Caregiver activities.

Thank you,

Allen F. Maxwell

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